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Mastering Fooocus Inpainting: Revolutionize Your Image Editing

Inpainting technology, powered by Stable Diffusion, opens up new horizons for image repair and modification. This innovative method uses the context of intact image segments to reconstruct altered or incomplete parts, simplifying defect removal and image customization.

Getting Started with Fooocus Inpainting

Activating Inpainting in Fooocus

Inpainting in Fooocus

  1. Check the "Input Image" box below the Prompt field
  2. Open the "Inpaint or Outpaint" tab

Note: When active, the Generate button performs inpainting based on the uploaded image and specified options, while still considering the main prompt.

If you don't have it locally you can still use it in a google colab here

Inpainting Techniques in Fooocus

1. Completing an Image

Perfect for restoring damaged photos:

  1. Upload the image
  2. Define the inpainting mask using the drawing tool
  3. Write a prompt describing the desired outcome
  4. Click Generate

2. Enhancing Details

Ideal for improving specific areas like faces or hands:

restoring damaged photos

  1. Upload the image
  2. Draw a mask over the area to enhance
  3. Select "Improve Detail" as the Method
  4. Provide a complementary prompt for the area
  5. Generate and repeat for other areas if needed

3. Adding Elements

Transform your image by adding new objects or details:

Modify Content image

  1. Upload the image
  2. Draw a mask where you want to add the new element
  3. Choose "Modify Content" as the Method
  4. Write a prompt describing the new element
  5. Generate and repeat to add multiple elements

Advanced Inpainting Options

For experienced users, Fooocus offers advanced configuration options:

example impainting

  1. Check the "Advanced" box next to "Input Image"
  2. Open the "Advanced" tab
  3. Enable "Developer Debug Mode"
  4. Access the "Inpainting" tab for detailed options

Key Advanced Parameters:

  • Debug Inpaint Preprocessing: Visualize the pre-processing steps
  • Disable initial latent in inpaint: Toggle consideration of content outside the mask
  • Inpaint Engine: Select the model version
  • Inpaint Denoising Strength: Control the influence of the original image
  • Inpaint Respective Field: Adjust the size of the generated inpainting area
  • Mask Erode or Dilate: Modify mask edges
  • Enable Mask Upload: Use a custom mask image
  • Invert Mask: Reverse the mask effect

Combining Inpainting with Image Prompt

Unlock the power of style transfer and composition guidance:

  1. Access the "Advanced" panel
  2. Enable "Developer Debug Mode"
  3. Open the "Control" tab
  4. Check "Mixing Image Prompt and Inpaint"

This feature allows simultaneous use of Image Prompt and Inpainting, perfect for face swaps or background style changes while preserving subjects.


Fooocus Inpainting opens up a world of possibilities for image manipulation and creation. With different techniques, combine features, to create stunning images.

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