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Mixtral 8x22b latest-model benchmarks

Mistral AI, after OpenAI and Google, has quietly entered the race of Large Language Models by releasing one of its most potent models to date: the Mixtral 8x22B.


  • French startup Mistral AI has launched Mixtral 8x22B, its latest open-source LLM.
  • This model employs a sophisticated Mixture of Experts (MoE) architecture and has shown promising initial benchmarks compared to previous models like the Mixtral 8x7B.
  • The model weights are available for download at Hugging Face, complete with installation instructions.

Why is Mixtral 8x22B So Powerful?
The Mixtral 8x22B, utilizing the MoE architecture, boasts an impressive 176 billion parameters and a context window of 65,000 tokens. This architecture allows for a sparse MoE strategy, providing access to various models each specialized in distinct areas, balancing performance and computational costs.

Accessibility and Open-Source Commitment:
Mistral AI continues to challenge proprietary models by adhering to open-source principles, making Mixtral 8x22B available for torrent download via Hugging Face. Detailed instructions are provided for running the model at different precisions to accommodate varying system capabilities.

Market Position and Innovations:
As the latest LLM in the Generative AI market, Mixtral 8x22B stands alongside recent releases like Databricks’ DBRX, OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo Vision, and Anthropic’s Claude 3. Although designed primarily as an autocomplete model, distinct from chat or instruct models, it offers effective computing and performance for a broad range of tasks.

Benchmarks and Comparisons:
Despite the absence of official benchmarks, the Hugging Face community has conducted tests showing that Mixtral 8x22B closely competes with closed models from Google and OpenAI. It achieves notable scores in various benchmarks:

  • ARC-C Reasoning Abilities: Scores 70.5, showcasing strong reasoning capabilities.
  • Commonsense Reasoning: Scores 88.9 on the HellaSwag benchmark, indicating robust commonsense reasoning skills.
  • Natural Language Understanding: Achieves a score of 77.3 in the MMLU benchmark, reflecting competitive NLP capabilities.
  • Truthfulness: Exhibits improvement in truthfulness, crucial for countering model-generated hallucinations.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: With a score of 76.5 in the GSM8K, it's well-suited for basic mathematical problem-solving.

Mistral AI's release of Mixtral 8x22B reflects a significant trend towards more transparent and cooperative AI development methods. The model’s potential for groundbreaking applications and research is generating considerable excitement within the AI community, promising to transform various technical fields globally.

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