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OpenAI May Soon Launch Its Own Search Engine

OpenAI might be launching its own search engine very soon! Here's what we know so far:

A few days ago, I noticed something interesting. The website address,, appeared in some server logs. Then, yesterday, there were talks in the business world that OpenAI is planning to start a search engine, possibly on May 9th.

Ashutosh Shrivastava showed us a screenshot that caught my attention. It shows that OpenAI recently got a new SSL certificate for the domain Ashutosh thinks this could mean OpenAI is working on a search feature. He even posted a screenshot from the log files to prove it:

Twitter Screenshot SSL certificates OpenAI

Search ChatGPT Log Image

These log details were first shared by Jimmy Apples on his platform.

I didn't get to share this news right away because I was offline for a holiday. However, a publication called Analytics India Magazine already reported on it. They said, "OpenAI is likely to announce a new search engine soon," according to Jimmy Apples. They mentioned that OpenAI plans to have an event on May 9, 2024, at 10 a.m. That's a very specific detail!

Jimmy Apples screenshot

Jimmy Apples also mentioned something interesting. Back in January, there were job posts for event staff and a marketing team. Just last month, OpenAI hired a new events manager. It seems like they're preparing for a big event in June. Maybe that's when OpenAI will introduce their next big project.

It's still not clear if this new search engine will work like Google Search, but it's exciting to see more choices in search engines. Besides Google, we've seen others like Bing and Perplexity AI.

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