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Zephyr 141B Lands on HuggingChat - Lightning Fast Open-Source Conversational AI

The latest large language model from HuggingFace and collaborators, is now available on HuggingChat! This powerful 141B parameter model, fine-tuned from Mistral-8x22B using a novel training method called Odds Ratio Preference Optimization (ORPO), delivers blazingly fast text generation while maintaining high-quality conversational abilities.

What is Zephyr 141B?

Zephyr 141B is a state-of-the-art language model jointly developed by HuggingFace, Argilla, and KAIST. It builds upon the robust Mistral-8x22B foundation and receives specialized instruction fine-tuning using a 7k dataset of curated conversational preferences. Thanks to the highly efficient ORPO training algorithm, Zephyr achieves remarkable performance without the computational overhead of methods like Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF).

The model excels across a variety of benchmarks, including:

  • MT Bench: 8.17
  • IFEval: 65.06
  • BBH: 58.96
  • AGIEval: 44.16

Zephyr 141B demonstrates strong language understanding, reasoning, and generation capabilities, making it an ideal assistant for open-ended conversations, coding assistance, analytical tasks, and more.

Experience Lightning Fast Conversational AI

One of the key highlights of Zephyr 141B is its blistering inference speed, courtesy of HuggingFace's newly released Text Generation Interface (TGI) v2.0.0. This cutting-edge solution leverages advanced techniques like mixed precision, kernel optimizations, and async scheduling to unlock unprecedented performance for large language models.

On HuggingChat, you can engage with Zephyr 141B in real-time, experiencing unparalleled responsiveness during your conversations. Whether you're exploring creative writing prompts, tackling coding challenges, or diving into intellectual discourse, Zephyr's lightning-fast generation will keep the dialogue flowing seamlessly.

Open Source, From Data to UI:

In line with HuggingFace's core principles, every aspect of Zephyr 141B and HuggingChat is fully open-source. The model weights, training data, and even the user interface codebase are publicly available, fostering transparency and enabling researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to explore, build upon, and contribute to this cutting-edge conversational AI endeavor.

Join the Conversation

Head over to here and experience the power of Zephyr 141B for yourself. Engage in thought-provoking dialogues, collaborate on projects, or simply bask in the convenience of having a knowledgeable assistant at your fingertips, all while enjoying unmatched generation speeds.

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