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Draft a New Hire Press Release Prompt

Hi Promptzone. Here is a custom prompt template for writing a press release for a new hire:

“Draft a press release announcing the hiring of [NEW_HIRE_NAME] as [NEW_POSITION] at [COMPANY_NAME], effective [START_DATE]. Begin with an attention-grabbing headline that incorporates the new hire’s position and the company’s name. In the opening paragraph, introduce [NEW_HIRE_NAME], highlighting their previous role at [PREVIOUS_COMPANY] and their significant achievements there. Detail how [NEW_HIRE_NAME]’s expertise in [AREA_OF_EXPERTISE] aligns with [COMPANY_NAME]’s goals, especially in [SPECIFIC_PROJECTS_OR_INITIATIVES] they will be leading or contributing to. Include a quote from [COMPANY_EXECUTIVE], such as the CEO or department head, expressing enthusiasm about the new hire and how they fit into the company’s future plans. Conclude with a brief overview of [COMPANY_NAME], its industry position, and its mission to underscore the significance of this new appointment. Ensure the tone is professional, welcoming, and reflects the company’s brand voice."

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Awesome Prompt !

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